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Seafood Gift Baskets

Seafood Gift Baskets

Welcome to Seafood Inc
Your direct source for quality seafood gift baskets.

Prices range from $29.00 to $249.00 for these deluxe gift baskets.
All baskets come with our deluxe real wood premium pirate's chest.

fresh fish baskets

Looking for a basket with a variety of different seafood items then click on our variety seafood gift baskets.

Choose from the following:
Ultimate Choice Pack basket, Medium Ground fish basket, Crab and Halibut seafood basket, Tuna Lovers Ultimate basket, Fresh Seafood salmon lovers basket, and last but not least our Medium Tuna Lovers basket.

crab seafood gift baskets

Got a crab lover in your family?
Then click on our Crab seafood gift baskets.

Choose from the following:
Crab Lover's Delight basket, Crab and Medium Smoke Pack basket, and last but not least our Seafood Crab and Halibut basket.
A variety of crab can be found in these seafood baskets. Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, and Monster King Crab. We are sure to please the craving of any crab lover.

smoked seafood gift baskets

Seafood Inc is proud to offer its Deluxe Smoked seafood gift baskets.

Choose from the following:
Smoked Choice Pack gift basket, Crab Medium and Smoked basket.
We also have 1 pound seafood gift baskets that come in this real wood pirates treasure book.
You can choose from Smoked Salmon, Smoked Tuna, Smoked Halibut or Smoked Oysters.

oyster seafood basket

Click on our Oyster Seafood gift basket.

Choose from the following:
Shucked basket, Oyster Mix Pack basket, Ultimate Party Pleaser, or our Fresh Smoked Seafood basket.
All shell oysters are sent live, and all shucked oysters are processed fresh daily. These oysters come from the pristine waters of Oregon.

fresh fish and seafood gift baskets

canned seafood gift baskets

Looking for Gourmet Canned Seafood? Then click on our Canned Seafood Gift baskets.

Choose from the following:
Four Canned Albacore seafood basket, Two Can Sockeye basket, Six Can Mix Albacore and Sockeye basket, or our Deluxe Myrtle Wood boat gift basket.
All seafood is processed within 48 hours and we are sure you will taste the difference.

Seafood Gift Packs
Fresh Petrale Sole
Fresh Dover Sole
Fresh Rock Fish
Pacific Oysters
Rock Fish - Ling Cod
Fresh Black Cod
Skate Wings
Fresh Spot Prawns
Squid Steaks

Our Company Seafood Inc,
has fisheries throughout
Oregon, Washington
and California.
We buy Directly from the
fishermen to provide our
customers with the
highest quality seafood
and deluxe seafood
gift baskets.


  Seafood Gift Baskets  

As a fresh seafood gift basket supplier we ship fresh and frozen seafood gift baskets worldwide. Seafood Inc is dedicated to superior quality of its frozen and fresh seafood gift baskets.

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