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Smoked Teriyaki Tuna

Hook and line caught, mild and tender flavor,
smoked with natural hard woods.
Brined and teriyaki brown sugar solution smoked to excellence.


Want a little zest added to your Smoked Tuna? Try our Teriyaki Smoked Tuna. It is still fresh and high in omega 3 but has the zing of teriyaki. Our Teriyaki Smoked Tuna has the perfect kick to its fresh impeccable taste. We smoke our Teriyaki Smoke Tuna every week to provide you with the freshest tasting tuna. We don't add any additives or preservatives so you can be sure that you are serving your family the healthiest Teriyaki Smoked Tuna. Our Teriyaki Smoked Tuna will impress your guests with this unique side dish or serve as a delectable appetizer.
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As a fresh smoked teriyaki tuna we ship fresh and frozen smoked teriyaki tuna worldwide. Seafood Inc is dedicated to superior quality of its frozen and fresh smoked teriyaki tuna.

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